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Hi? It's Ken. I'm not here right now so, uh... leave a message or something? I'll call you back.


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16 May 2017 @ 06:46 pm
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Character: Ken Hidaka
Canon: Weiss Kreuz
Vessel Name and Location: 鷹 Youki (falcon); on the back of the right hand.
Vessel Form: A siberian tiger.

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16 May 2017 @ 06:28 pm
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Name: Ken Hidaka
Series: Weiss Kreuz

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09 May 2017 @ 01:44 am
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Name: laila
Age: Positively middle-aged

Character Information

Name: Ken Hidaka
Canon: Weiss Kreuz
Canon Point: Episode 25 of Kapitel, the end of the first TV series.
Age: 19

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Far Shore characters will be added after one significant or two everyday interactions.

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The Obligatory Crit Post

I like to think I have a decent handle on Ken here, but since we're all our own worst critics that may just be wishful thinking. I hope it isn't, but for fairly obvious reasons I'm not prepared to take my own word for it.

Think I'm doing it wrong? If you'd like to leave me feedback about my playing, if you've got comments or criticism of my portrayal, or if you just don't get what the Hell I think I'm doing with him because Ken simply wouldn't behave like that, here's the place to tell me. Chances are if I'm making him do it at all I don't see any problem with it, so I'd really appreciate the heads-up. I'm never going to improve if I don't know where I'm slipping up, after all.

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07 November 2013 @ 06:47 pm
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[Character Name] Ken Hidaka
[Canon] Weiss Kreuz
[Point Taken from Canon] Directly following the events of Schreient, Episode 9 of Weiss Kreuz Kapitel.

[Age] 19
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Bisexual, self-identifying as straight. Though Ken is only explicitly shown in brief romantic relationships with women, he develops at least three extremely close (and, usually, far longer-lasting) emotional attachments to other men - most notably with former friend Kouichirou Kase - on several occasions throughout the series. Ken would be unwilling to admit these were anything other than friendships.

[Eye Color] Brown.
[Hair Color] Dark brown.
[Height] 5'3" (160 cms). In other words, short.
[Other] Ken is legally dead, supposedly having died in a warehouse fire. The incident has left him with second- and third-degree burn scars on his back, though he isn't particularly self-conscious about this.
[Clothing] Casual to a fault. Ken dresses like pretty much every other late-adolescent guy did in 1998: he lives in jeans, tee-shirts and leather jackets to such an extent that he even goes out killing in them. He has a dim awareness that formal clothes exist, but largely considers neckties to be things that happen to other people.

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