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Ken ([personal profile] irregular) wrote on May 16th, 2017 at 06:46 pm
→ the far shore: shinki information
Character: Ken Hidaka
Canon: Weiss Kreuz
Vessel Name and Location: 鷹 Youki (falcon); on the back of the right hand.
Vessel Form: A siberian tiger.

Power: Failure Empowerment. Should Ken's God find that she is facing certain defeat in battle, they will find their strength, stamina and any exhausted or overused powers temporarily revitalising to the point that they would be capable of surviving and escaping the situation. At this stage this is good for nothing but allowing his God to escape and provides only the opportunity to get away; there is absolutely no guarantee that she will be able to escape from a critical situation if she does not take the opportunity.
God: Gegute/Elfnein ([personal profile] alchemists)
EXP Points: 10
Cause of Death: A horrible combination of cranial trauma and drowning. Ken canonically survives the collapse of the museum in Weiss Kreuz Kapitel, but the only explanation for exactly how is 'magic' and 'being an anime character'. The idea that some combination of having your head repeatedly introduced to a brick wall, becoming trapped in a collapsing building and then, while no more than semi-conscious, falling hundreds of feet into the sea (along with several thousand tons of masonry) just might prove fatal to a perfectly ordinary young adult human actually makes a lot more sense than the version of events the series gives us.
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