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→ the far shore: permissions post
Name: Ken Hidaka
Series: Weiss Kreuz

OOC Permissions
Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Sorry, but no. I've simply never felt comfortable with this.
Offensive subjects: I can absolutely handle them. Ken, while he doesn't talk about his night job a lot and he definitely doesn't enjoy it (yet), murders people for money. He can cope.

IC Permissions
Hugging this character: Always okay. The more Ken likes your character, the more likely he is to react positively to this - though he may still be rather startled.
Kissing this character: I'm fie with it. Ken's reaction will depend on your character's gender, how much he likes them and how drunk he is at the time. If your character does not know him very well, they can expect to be yelled at and shoved away at the least.
Flirting with this character: You can try. There's a 50-50 chance he simply won't notice.
Fighting with this character: COME AT ME, BRO. That said, though he has been combat-trained and is skilled at hand-to-hand fighting, Ken has no supernatural abilities or weaponry: if your character is not basically normal I would appreciate a chance to talk over how someone with ordinary human abilities could defend themselves against them. Messaging beforehand may be necessary if you wish a fight to end in a certain way.
Injuring this character: Absolutely, though again I'd appreciate discussing it first. He's a close-range fighter and can and does get injured in canon, sometimes quite badly. I'd like to avoid anything that would lead to permanent maiming or scarring, though.
Killing this character: Though I would hope to avoid death penalties in The Far Shore I'd be all right with this, after discussion with any castmates, if it's the logical outcome to whatever stupid situation Ken's gotten himself into this week.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it, but he's open and easy enough to read that - depending on the extent of your character's powers - you may get exactly the same results simply through close observation. Or not-so-close-observation, if he's really annoyed. Ken has no defenses against psychic manipulation and I am usually game for all forms of this, but would appreciate discussing it beforehand so that I know what form it will take, what effects it will have and, if possible, how long it will last.

Warnings: Ken himself is the paramilitary-trained veteran of a thousand locker rooms and his language, as a result, tends to err on the colorful side. Since bad language isn't really infused into Japanese culture as a whole, I tend to try and replicate the spirit of what he's saying rather than use literal translations which see him coming off as far politer than I believe he was intended to.
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