07 November 2013 @ 06:40 pm
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Mamoru Takatori

The secret hidden Takatori kid everybody just totally forgot to mention up till now... or something. Mamoru hasn't grown tentacles and declared himself to be a deity yet, which Ken's going to be taking as a good sign. For now.

Ouka Sakaki
{Kapitel episode 11}
savemeomi @ proxima beta

No, Ken has absolutely no idea what Omi sees in Ouka. Still less does he know why he agreed to let her move in with him (probably because he thought it would shut her up). Enforced proximity is going absolutely no way toward helping him make sense of it all and it really doesn't help that Ouka seems to think he's a live-in cook/manservant/dogsbody. In short Ken's home life has turned into a cheesy shoujo manga, and he's the heroine.



Ken had, at first, no idea who this guy was and the eventual explanation came far too late to be of any practical use. No matter how great Schuldig's hair is (and let's be fair, it is pretty impressive), it most likely wouldn't have been a particularly good idea to go off and have drug-induced exhibitionist sex with the guy whoever he was; the fact he also just so happens to be a mortal enemy was just the icing on the horrible cake of bad judgement and regret.

Nagi Naoe

You would have thought that 'don't piss off the telekinetic kid' would be advice pretty much everybody would have no difficulty following. Ken didn't listen. Current strategy: avoid at all costs.




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